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Beth in Guatemala




January 2012


Turning Around America: San Juan Bautista - Veracruz, Guatemala, February, 2012



Vacation Day    
turning the lathe

Our transportation a 1973 Land Rover

You need this kind of Steel Grit to get over these roads.


A cake is made in our honor and it is delieious.

Thank you Sandra!

The secret ingredient is achiote.

The next series of images is of the process she used in making our cake with a solar oven.


Agua Pura feed to us from a mountain stream - cool and beautiful. These gringas could not drink it for fears of unfamiliar microbes.

The nightly baths in this water after hot days was deliciously intoxicating.

We are working! Juan Carlos had some woodworking skills and plans on teaching the young people.


The The Veracruz community created a fiesta in our honor is about to begin and here are the tamales wrapped in banana leaves. There were hours of work that went into this meal and I loved the flavor of corn, duck, chicken, and seasoning. Juan Carlos led a song in our honor.

Que delicia!

  Sharpening the machette, jorge checks Beth's work.  

Beth trains Pilar on the Table Saw in preparation for making frames for the drawers and later we hope this will be how the windows will be replaced in the house.

A chick or two were around to help us stop working so hard.


The Community Chest of Hand Tools

Donated from wonderful folks in


Many of these tools were donated by generous people and we know that the community appreciates these gifts very much. Here are the drawers that Pilar and Beth made for the case of woodworking tools.  




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